How to Talk To a Dubai Escort over the Phone?

You are most likely to talk to the Dubai Escort over the phone before you fix the date with her. A lot of people are stressed out on the very thought of calling the escorts. What would I say? How would I start? Would she reject me? Are you too having such worries? Well, that’s normal. However, nothing to sweat, this post below offers you insights on how to be the best client over the phone with an escort.

First, you should be very gentle and polite. Don’t try to be too friendly and too cold. Dubai escort girls are hard-core professionals and would expect a professional attitude from you. So start with a normal “Hello” and introduce yourself. Tell her your name and age. Make sure you know her name before you call her.

Do not ask any irrelevant or confidential question. Remember the purpose of the phone call is to book a date with her. So, stick to what’s needed to know and impart. After the initial greeting, tell her that you would like to have a date with her. You can compliment her great looks but don’t overdo it. Then, ask her timings and state your convenient time. See if they match. Don’t force her if they don’t.

In case, the timings match, state in brief about your specific needs. Is it just companionship for a social gathering or that and something more? Do you want to try BDSM? Or do you have a fetish for naughty chats. Whatever you want, just be specific. If she agrees, fix the date and wish her a good day before you hang up.