Dos and Don’ts to Follow with Dubai Escorts

Are you gearing up for a date with a Dubai escort? That’s amazing but you should be careful about certain facts to ensure the most awesome experience for you. The article below has jotted down the dos and don’ts to follow while dating a Dubai escort.

The Dos

• Be respectful to your escort
• Be punctual
• Have a bath and wear clean and nice clothes while you go to meet her
• Trim down your nails and beard
• If you are planning a romantic dinner, ask your escort where she would love to dine. If you have a preferred cuisine, request her to suggest a good option. Anyhow, the Dubai escorts will know better about the dining options in the city.
• Be clear about your dating plans with the escort before you fix the date with her. If you want some steamy action in your hotel or a complete tour across the city, just mention about it.
• Deliver the payment the moment she arrives for the date.

The Don’ts

• Do not ask her anything too personal that might offend her
• Do not ask for any commitment other than professional
• Don’t be late. If you think you would be late for some unavoidable reason, just call her up as soon as possible and tell her about your problems.
• Don’t make her stay longer than what was agreed upon before. If you want her to stay longer, request for an extended date or another date. But be polite with your approach.